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Bank Endorsement Rubber Stamps

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Most people think rubber stamps are just for stamping return addresses on bills. Acutally self inking bank endorsement stamps are the second most popular use for a stamp. Although mostly used by businesses to stamp the back of checks to avoid the laborious task of endorsing check after check by hand, consumers can benefit as well.

Think of all the checks you get during the year. From birthdays, anniversary, christmas, tax refund, paychecks etc. A self inking bank endorsement stamp will definatly save you time.

We have a full line of bank endorsement stamps and return address stamps and address labels.

New ID Blocker Self inking stamp

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Did you know a ID Blocker rubber stamp can help protect against identity theft? Here is how:

A quality ID blocker self inking rubber stamp will block out personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card numers, account balances and more. This ID blocker stamp is the best on the market. What makes this a high quality blocker stamp?

Our ID blocker stamp has a specially designed permanent pattern that renders the stamped information illegible to identity theft. The stamp blocks confidential information printed on checks, bills letters, packages and more. It also eliminates the need to buy an expensive shredder.

This is a perfect addition to our high quality address labels.

ID blocker self inking rubber stamp

Why new Xstamper Pre Inked Rubber Stamps are so great!

Monday, April 18th, 2011

To make sure our customers can find the perfect rubber stamp, we have added Xstamper pre inked rubber stamps to our product lineup. Xstamper is a professional quality line of self inking rubber stamps for personal and business use.

What is a pre-inked rubber stamp? Pre inked stamps are different from their cousin self inking stamps in they way they are designed. There is no mechanical mechanism incorporated in the stamp. It uses oil based ink that delivers a crisp clean image. Although they are designed to stand up to the demands needed in a business environment, they are suitable for every day use.

Xstamper pre inked stamps are available in a large variety of sizes. From single line stamps to rubber stamps that can accomodate up to 9 lines, its easy to find the stamp for you in just 3 easy steps:

  1. Find the stamp size you want
  2. Make sure it has the number of lines and can accomodate what you want printed on your stamp
  3. Select the font and and Personalize

Find these stamps and well as our full line of rubber stamps  and return address labels at

New Trodat Rubber Stamps Available

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

We have just completed adding the new Trodat Self Inking Rubber Stamps from Address Labels Express to our site. With over 20 different sizes, you will find the perfect rubber stamp for any use. The sizes range from 1 3/16″ x 1 3/16″ to stamps that are over 3″ long.

Its simple to select the perfect stamp for you, just select the stamp with the number of lines you want and make sure it can accomodate the number of characters per line you need. Its that simple. One thing to keep in mind is that each stamp can accomodate a speciific number of characeters per line. To ensure your stamp will fit everything you want on it, our order forms are formated to only allow the number of characters per line that will fit. This makes it easy. As long as it fits on the order form, it will fit on the stamp.

Dont forget to grab a bottle of Reinking Fluid for Self-Inking Stamps. Its important that you only use ink specifically made for your stamp. Its best to pick up a bottle now, with your stamp so when you eventually need it, you will already have it.

See more great return address labels and rubber stamps at

Trodat 5205 Self-Inking Rubber Stamp

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The Trodat 5205 self inking rubber stamp is the newest item we have added here at Address Labels Express. We are always on the lookout for new products our customers can benefit from. The Trodat 5205 has many features you will like.

Its self-inking feature is one of the most popular reasons that our customers love our Trodat rubber stamps. Why? Because a stamp that self inks last for thousands of stamped impressions before it needs to be re-inked.

Its size is another thing you will like. 1″ x 2 3/4″. This is very similar to self adhesive mailing labels that many businesses use. This is a great alternative for applying your business return address on each envelope. You can simply stamp and your done!

Another great feature of rubber stamps, is that they can be used for more than a return address. The Trodat 5205 is perfect if you need a bank stamp to stamp the back of all your deposit checks. No need to get writers cramp. We can create your stamp with all of your deposit information and as soon as you receive it you are ready to stamp your checks for depositing.

See our full line of Trodat Rubber Stamps for more choices.
See our entire selection of Address Labels on Rolls

New Rubber Stamps coming soon

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Great news! We are in the process of adding dozens of new rubber stamps for our customers. Self Inking stamps, Pre inked and wooden hand stamps. We will also be adding a number of stock stamps and dater stamps.

Address Labels Exrpess has been the leader in address labels and now we are quickly becoming the number 1 source for rubber stamps. One reason is our quality guarantee. We guarantee any stamp unconditionally. Out stamps last for thousands of impressions. As a matter of fact, when you order a rubber stamp and bottle of extra ink, you probably wont ever need any ink again.

Try one of our stamps today. We think you will come back for all of your rubber stamp needs.

Are self inking rubber stamps your best choice?

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Is a self inking rubber address stamp the best choice for you?

There are three kinds of rubber stamps:

Self inking rubber stamps have an ink pad inside the plastic stamp housing. The rubber imprint plate rests upside down, against it when not in use. When you push down on the housing, the rubber stamp plate leaves the stamp pad and flips around and presses against the surface you are stamping. Although the most common use for a self inking rubber stamp is as a return address rubber stamp, it can be used for several different uses.

A self inking stamp does not need to be used as an address stamp, it can be used for just about anything you can imagine. A stamp can be used to stamp the back of checks, just ask your bank what information you should include on the stamp.

Rubber stamp your childrens books, folders or other items to identify it as their own. Whatever you can think of, a rubber stamp can be made for your project.

Pre Inked rubber stamps have a stamp hard pad that is saturated with ink. There is no moving parts. The best use for Pre Inked rubber stamps would be for Larger Print stamps. Your pre inked stamp can be several inches high or wide. One thing to remember about pre inked stamps is that you need to pause a few seconds between each empression so the letters have time to saturate with ink. If you dont give the stamp time to resaturate the letters, they will stamp the letters completely.


The third kind of rubber stamp is a manual stamp with a seperate stamp pad. this was the only kind originally available to the public. About the only advantage to this kind of stamp is you can purchase different colored rubber stamp pads so you can vary the color of the lettering. The most important thing to remember is to completely clean the rubber stamp before changing to a different colored stamp pad, or you will cross contaminate the colors between stamp pads.

For more information about rubber stamps visit


Quality Rubber Stamps by Address Labels Express

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Let us make the perfect rubber stamp that meets your needs. Sure, Address Labels Express is a recognize printer of return address labels, but we are also a leading supplier of qality rubber stamps.

There are several types of rubber stamps:

  • Self Inking rubber address stamps
  • Pre-Inked stamps
  • Wooden hand rubber stamps
  • Stock message stamps
  • Rubber Stamps with Daters and Numberers
  • Refill Ink, Stamp Pads, and Accessories

We offer all of these Rubber stamps and more! Your rubber stamp from Address Labels Express will be easy to use, durable and backed by the same Guarantee as our address labels.

Let us make the perfect rubber stamp for you today.

Trodat Self Inking Rubber Stamps

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

Order your Trodat Self Inking Rubber Stamps today and we will ship it out tomorrow!. Self-inking stamps are a great alternative to return address labels. Thats why we offer Trodat rubber stamps to our customers.

We offer several different rubber stamps including:

  • Self Inking Rubber Address Stamps
  • Pre Inked Rubber Stamps
  • Hand Stamps for Stamp pads
  • Dater Stamps

If you are looking for an address stamp, then Trodat rubber stamps are the perfect choice. They are no maintenance and last for thousands of impressions.

Dont forget that address labels are the perfect compliment or alternative to rubber stamps

Rubber Stamps at Address Labels Express

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

More rubber stamps are coming to Address Labels Express. Rubber stamps are so versitle and portable that many customers can benefit from both. There are a variety of rubber stamp types that can be personalized for personal use or business use.

Self Inking rubber stamps are the most popular and are available in a wide variety of sizes and ink colors.

Pre Inkes rubber stamps are more commonly used in business mostly because of their abliity to evenly stamp larger print to the stamping surface. They are available in many of the same sizes as self inking stamps, but are also available in much larger sizes.

We offer rubber stamps in several brands, sizes and ink colors and best of all, they are shipped fast and backed by our world famous 100% Money Back Guarantee.