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Finding the Ideal Self Inking Rubber Stamp is easy

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Rubber stamps have been come a long way from the traditional rubber stamps that required a seperate ink pad. Today, self inking rubber stamps are the way to go. Although they can be used for countless tasks. The most common use is as a return address rubber stamp. Stamps are portable, they can fit in your desk, glove compartment, or even your purse. Wheather you use them for bills or christmas cards. they are a huge time saver.

Ideal self inking stamps, have the ink pad inside the stamp housing. After each time the stamp is used, it is automatically re inked and ready to go. It wont dry out, and will stamp thousands of impressioins before it needs to be reinked. Also, there are 8 ink colors available.

Another popular use of stamps are as bank deposit stamps. No need to sign check after check. Save time and writers cramp. Ideal stamps can accomodate up to 6 lines so there is pleny of room for all of your banking information.

Although rubber stamps will last for thousands of impressions, it is absolutely essential you use the recommended ink when it does come time to reink. Using the wrong ink will ruin the stamp permanently. I stongly recommend getting a refill bottle of ink when you order your stamp. Its very inexpensive, and you will thank yourself when it comes time to reink the stamp. Just the time and cost of driving to the local office supply store or the shipping charge to order one online will cost more then the ink itself if you order at the same time you get your stamp.

In addition to self inking stamps, there are also Pre Inked rubber stamps, which are the choice for business stamps. We also have traditional rubber stamps. The main advantage of these is you can use a different color ink whenever you want. Just clean the stamp, and use a different color ink pad.