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Return Address Lables – Buyer Beware

Monday, December 29th, 2008

Return Address Lables – What some label companies don’t want you to know.

Before you order return address lables from any company, make sure you know how quickly you will receive them. Mail order companies that sell return address lables can take up to 6 weeks. Many companies on the internet are so focused on increasing the volume of their orders they forgot about the customer.

Here is how they work. Your order (along with thousands of others) are imported and put into their “system”. They are sorted by product type. To minnimize waste, only one color of return address lables are printed at a time. All other colors of return address lables wait. For example, if you order Clear address lables on a tuesday. If they only print clear return address lables on a Monday your order will sit there for 6 days!

When your order is finally printed it is packaged on an assembly line and shipped out. Your address lables may not even be seen by human eyes!

This is NOT how we do business. We do things a little differently. When you order return address lables from Address Labels Express here is how your label order is handled.

  1. One of our highly trained technicians transfer the printing information from your order form into our software specifically designed to print return address lables
  2. The label stock you selected ( Clear, White, Gold Foil, or Silver Foil ) is loaded on to our high resolution printer and printing begins.
  3. While your lables are printing, they are closely monitored. Once your order is complete it is manually inspected for all aspects of quality.
  4. Your return address lables are now carefully packaged and shipped.

The most amazing part of this process happens in 24 hours. From the time you place your order until it is shipped and on its way to you

The most amazing part of this process?
 From the time you place your order until your return address lables are shipped and on their way to you . . . only 24 Hours! 

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Address Labels Express announces New site site

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

We are commited to bringing our customers the best address labels products, service and support. After spending almost 1 year of research, design and usability our new website was launched on Dec 9th 2008. Our label customers have given us tremendous suggestions and feedback which we used to make Address Labels Express easier to use, clearer navigation to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, more functionality and of course more new products our customers have been asking for.

In addition to address labels and rubber stamps, we have added new mover address post cards, mailing and shipping labels and full color letterhead stationery.

Let us know what you think! We strive to continue to improve anything we can do to give our customers exactly what they are looking for.

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