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Discount on Address Labels and Return Address Labels

Sunday, October 5th, 2008

How to Get Discounts on Address Labels and Return Address Labels

Dont think you  need to always pay full price for address labels or return address labels. Many companies run weekly or monthly sales on labels. Sometimes they are easy to see, but other times they are either hidden or offered only to existing customers.

When shopping to buy address labels online, look on the home page for discount coupon codes, or an email opt-in form. By simply entering your name and email address, you may receive discount offers. Keep in mind to see what you will receive in return for supplying your email address. Also, you can always “opt out” at any time. If the site has a search feature, type in phrases like “discount” , “Free”  or “coupon”. If there any pages with any of those phrases on them, it will be displayed on the search results page of the site.

You can also look for discounts on return address labels by typing those phrases in search engines “WITH QUOTES” Try this:
Go to
Type in the following EXACTLY LIKE THIS:    “address labels” “discount code”

Now you have a list of sites that have discount codes you can use to save

We currently offer Free First Class Shipping.

Just enter


when asked for the discount code on the order page

Address Labels Express offers fast shipping on address labels, return address labels and personalized address lables.


Full Color Letterhead Stationary

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Full Color Letterhead Stationary

With the holidays approaching, now is the time to start shopping for Full Color Letterhead Stationary. There are hundreds of fun full color designs that you can use for your holiday letters. Although many people still send photo cards, even most of them still send a holiday letter printed on letterhead.

Now, would be the best time to start looking, because waiting too long can cost you. The office supply stores carry a limited inventory of Holiday Letterhead Stationary because they get stuck with it if they cant sell it during the holidays. Although online stores carry a larger supply, they can get behind on shipping and you find your holiday paper arriving late.

One good idea is to find an online store that offers Free Shipping. Some online stores offer this pre holiday incentive to take the pressure off of them during the holiday. It never hurts to ask. Drop them an email and ask if they will throw in Free Shipping if you order now.

Make sure the holiday letterhead you purchase is compatible with your printer (inkjet or laser). Most letterhead papers are compatible with either, but check before you buy.

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