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Address Labels on Sheets

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

Address Labels on Sheets

When most people think of address labels, they think of address labels on rolls. Some people actually prefer address labels on sheets. One advantage for businesses is that the labels can be divided between departments or employees by the sheet. They store flat and are just as easy to use as roll labels.

Printing your own address labels on sheets is easy if you have the label stock, label printing software or label template and a laser or inkjet printer.

Foil address labels on sheets can really add a professional look to business labels. I would not recommend you print these yourself for a couple of reasons. First off, they are not compatible with inkjet printers. The other major warning is that it takes an extremely high fuser temperature to fuse the toner to the foil label stock. If the fuser temperature is not hot enough, the toner will rub off of the labels. Also, the foil material can flake off of the label stock and stick to the printer drum.

If this happens, you will experience problems with printing quality. It can be very diffucult to remove from the printer drum, so leave the priting of foil address labels to the professionals.


Wedding Address Labels

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Are wedding address labels a good investement? Thats a personal decision, but the opinion from our customers that order wedding address labels from us is a resounding YES!

Weddings can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to ensure the perfect wedding day! Brides want their day to be memorable and they want their guests to remember it forever as well. Wedding address labels on your wedding invitations are one of the first things your guests will see. Sure, you can have your return address printed on the envelopes by the printer providing the wedding invitations, but that will not stand out like full color wedding address labels.

Your wedding guests have probably been to dozens of weddings. Make sure yours stands out as the most memorable down to the smallest detail. You can find blank wedding address label stock and at some office supply stores and print your own. But if you are like most busy brides, you probably want to have them professionaly printed.

You can view our wedding address labels at:

Logo Rubber Address Stamps

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Logo Rubber Address Stamps

Most people use address labels when they mail their bills and cards. Rubber stamps are another way to save time and they are more portable than address labels. Logo Rubber Address Stamps are becoming more popular.

Basically its the same as a rubber stamp, but you can choose from a variety of logo images that will stamp to the left of your address. Usually the logo image stamps the same color as the address. The most common colors are Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet. There are patriotic logos such as the american flag, but there are also fun holiday and spiritual theme logos

A good strategy is to order two rubber stamps. One for home and one for your office. You could also keep the 2nd address stamp in your glove compartment or drop it in your purse. That way, no matter where you are, you always have access to it.

Check out some samples of Logo Rubber Address Stamps here

Half Sheet Plain BLANK Shipping Labels PayPal USPS

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Plain BLANK Shipping Labels PayPal USPS

If you ever ship your own packages, you know it can be time consuming. Here is a tip to speed up the process. You can print shipping labels directly from the US Postal Serivce website, or you can use a service like PayPal or

It will speed up the process and also check shipping address to make sure it matches the USPS format. Although you can print plain paper and use packing tape to attach the shipping label to the package, there is a much easier and faster way. You can purchase Half Sheet Plain BLANK Shipping Labels that are compatible with PayPal, and the USPS.

Sure you can find them at your local office supply store, but they are overpriced. We offer Half Sheet Plain BLANK Shipping Labels at an affordable price. You can purchase as little as 100 sheets or 1,000 or more!

Need Address Labels? – Print your own and save

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Return address labels arent just functional, they can be fun. With the holidays approaching, why not make your mailings fun by printing your own halloween address labels or christmas holiday address labels.

Its easy and they make great gifts for family and friends, or super cool rewards for your kids. All you need is a computer with a color inkjet printer, label printing software and blank mailing labels.

Address labels on sheets usually have 30 per sheet, so you can make 1 page of holiday address labels for any season.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Halloween address labels
  • Valentines labels
  • Christmas address labels

These are just a few fun ideas. You can print them yourself one sheet at a time or several at a time.

You can find blank laser and inkjet labels and printed holiday address labels at Address Labels Express

Address Labels Express – New Site Design

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

For months, we have been redesigning our website to make it even easier for customers to use. We are also adding new features to assist you in selecting the product will be the best for your situation. In addition, we will be adding new products every month that our customers have been asking for.

With the holidays just around the corner, we have added full color letterhead stationery . Get ready to ship all of those holiday packages by stocking up on Mailing Labels and Shipping Labels

If you have suggestions for new products you would like to see us offer, just let us know.

Halloween Address Labels for Kids

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Halloween Address Labels

Halloween is just around the corner. Kids love to dress up when they go trick-or-treating. They get excited carving pumpkins, and decorating the house. Your kids will love their very own Halloween address labels.

You can make your own if you have label printing sofware, halloween art images, blank address labels and in inkjet printer. It can be a fun project. If you dont have all of the necessary items you can order halloween address labels online and surprise your children. Imagine how excited they will be when they open a package with halloween address labels with their very own name and address on them!

So, if you want an idea for a great project with your kids, let them print their own halloween address labels. Its a great memory and can become a family tradition. Actually, this is a great idea to help your kids make holiday address labels for any occasion.

If you want the element of surprise and excitement, order your kids their very own halloween address labels.