How to find RSS feed links on YouTube

November 12th, 2013

If you have a YouTube channel and you want to feed your videos to your blog, and you don’t know how to find the RSS links you have a problem.

Here is a great video tutorial by Rob Groove on how to get the RSS feeds from YouTube. Watch his great video tutorial, then visit his site



Address Labels Package Save you Big Money

July 21st, 2013

A great way to get the best deal on address labels is to find out if the label company you are buying from offers any address labels packages. These may include multiple rolls of labels, or could include a free dispenser or they may package rubber stamps along with address labels.


Not only is this convenient but saves you money. If the package includes multiple rolls of labels, consider using one roll for yourself and one for your spouse or child. If your child is off to college it is the perfect gift. If they have a rubber stamp package, you can get the stamp to keep in your purse of at your office for last minute bills.


If you are purchasing a label package, inquire about free shipping or find out of they have other discounts. It can save you big bucks!

25% off All Holiday Address Labels

December 8th, 2012

Get 25% off any Holiday Address Labels

Now is the best time to get Holiday Address Labels for your holiday cards, gifts or any holiday mailing. For the next 5 days, you can use the discount code listed below and save on any of the following:


This week we’re featuring our newest “limited edition” of Holiday Address Labels.
Click the link to see samples or to place your order now, while supplies last.

Use discount code: BLOG25 to get 25% off your order today


Get a jump on your holiday mailings this year. You’ll save money and feel the relief of being more organized, early this year.

You can get your holiday mailing labels at pre Holiday prices today. Our Holiday price roll back ends December 12th so hurry!



Bank Endorsement Rubber Stamps

May 20th, 2012

Most people think rubber stamps are just for stamping return addresses on bills. Acutally self inking bank endorsement stamps are the second most popular use for a stamp. Although mostly used by businesses to stamp the back of checks to avoid the laborious task of endorsing check after check by hand, consumers can benefit as well.

Think of all the checks you get during the year. From birthdays, anniversary, christmas, tax refund, paychecks etc. A self inking bank endorsement stamp will definatly save you time.

We have a full line of bank endorsement stamps and return address stamps and address labels.

New ID Blocker Self inking stamp

April 16th, 2012

Did you know a ID Blocker rubber stamp can help protect against identity theft? Here is how:

A quality ID blocker self inking rubber stamp will block out personal information such as bank account numbers, credit card numers, account balances and more. This ID blocker stamp is the best on the market. What makes this a high quality blocker stamp?

Our ID blocker stamp has a specially designed permanent pattern that renders the stamped information illegible to identity theft. The stamp blocks confidential information printed on checks, bills letters, packages and more. It also eliminates the need to buy an expensive shredder.

This is a perfect addition to our high quality address labels.

ID blocker self inking rubber stamp

Holiday Christmas Return Address Labels on sale

December 27th, 2011

Its time for your annual after christmas sale. You can save big on our holiday return address labels and use them now, or wait till next christmas season. Why do we put our holiday christmas labels on sale now?

We want to make room for more new exciting designs for next year. Our supply is running low but you can save 25% or any of our holiday labels. Use the discount code:


Just enter it during check out and get 25% off your order.

As soon as the supplies are gone, we will deactivate the discount code. Normally we run out by January 7th, so dont wait.

New Personalized Heart Shaped Key Chain

August 31st, 2011

Personalized silver plated-plated heart shaped Key chain is great for holding keys. You can also hang it on your purse or any other accessory. The easy open clasp ie easy to open. It has a short chain and many of our customers love this as a wedding favor.

Personalized Heart Shaped Key Chain

Personalized Heart Shaped Key Chain

It measures 4 1/8″ x 1/8″.
Personalize yours with 2 lines of up to 10 characters per line.

Dont forget to order return address labels for your wedding invitations if this is being used for a wedding favor.
Clear address labels are the most popular labels for wedding invitations because they go on invisible on any color envelope.

Can labels really save lives? I dont think so! Read within

August 31st, 2011

An article by labelvalue claims that its not just doctors that save lives, but a paper label can save lives too. Yikes! If a medical label has incorrect information on it, the results could be deadly. Remember the incorrect label information that almsot cost the lives of actor Dennis Quades infants?

“It is not just doctors who save lives – it‘s the labels too. For being just a piece of paper and glue, these stickers can save your life. “

Read their full post at:

Labels can be used for something as simple as an address label, or can contain important medical information. Labels are tools, its the information on the labels that is the most important part of the label.

We have labels that are compatible with both your inkjet or laser printer. Our most popular are our blank address labels. I

Address Labels Discount Codes save up to 35%

July 30th, 2011

Now is a great time to order address labels on rolls from Address Labels Express.  You can save up to 35% on your order for address labels or rubber stamps. We have exactly what you are looking for, and for the next few hours you can save big.

Choose from our wide selection of address labels. Our biggest seller is Clear Address Labels on Rolls. The great thing about clear labels is no matter what color envelope you put them on, it looks like you printed directly on the envelope. If you like that look but want a more portable option consider a self inking rubber stamp. It will print on any non glossy surface and our ink technology allows the ink to dry almost instantly so there is no smudging.

We have a wide variety of other products you will like, so check out our entire product line at

Does Averys edge to edge products really work?? Not necessarily…

June 26th, 2011

Avery has a new product that claims you can print edge to edge on your color laser printer or copier, but does it really work?? Maybe.. maybe not…

Here is an article about Averys edge to edge printing labels:

Yes, the product is formatted to print edge to edge, but the key on wheather it will work for you or not is if your printer allows edge to edge printing.

Its a great concept, and can be a great product, but your printer must be capable of printing edge to edge. Not all printers can do this, so before you pick up this item, you need to make sure your printer will print edge to edge. Just check your printers operater manual. Also, if you are in the market for a new laser or inkjet printer, find out specifically if it has this ability.

It is very rare that most consumers need to print edge to edge when they are printing shippng labels, and standard shipping labels are less expensive. Check out our high quality blank shipping labels at Address Labels Express.

You can purchase our blank half sheet labels and we will ship them to you by PRIORITY Mail FAST.